Growing businesses, even if they are small to mid-size, need a team with depth and experience that they can afford.  The Brand Ethos team serves as a strong extension of any brand to lead Marketing, Communications, and Growth functions on an outsourced basis.  

We can build the Marketing plan, operate and transfer it back to you.  We can stay around and help drive the growth.   Flexibility is a key attribute to all that we do in the spirit of full partnership with our clients.

Alicia Laszewski
Being Clear

Alicia Laszewski is the Founder of Brand Ethos with a client focus on being clear and strategic with all messaging and design. Alicia has over 20 years of Corporate Marketing & Communications experience for global brands.  This experience has driven her to open her own firm with a hand picked team of professionals. 

Mike Ficara
Being Scalable

Mike Ficara serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Brand Ethos where he focuses on helping client grow and scale to their full potential.    An entrepreneur at heart, Mike has successfully managed sales and growth strategies for a variety of industries resulting is accelerated company growth.

Aaron Tutunick
Being Creative

Aaron Tutunick is the Creative Director of Brand Ethos.  With over 30 years of experience in design for International Corporations, he is a unique artist that blends the perfect combination of creative thinking with brand discipline.  

Ryan Griffiths
Being Organized

Ryan Griffiths is the Brand Ethos Director of Project Management.  He is adept at both project and client management process development allowing the Company to maximize efficiency and tracking for our clients. 

Austin Laszewski
Being Social

Austin Laszewski is the Brand Ethos Director of Social Media and Content.  As a member of the social media generation, Austin has successfully built personal brands for athletes and companies looking to expand through this ever-changing marketing channel. 

Denise Fernandez
Being Connected

Denise Birdsong-Fernandez is the Brand Ethos Account Director and Communications Specialist.  She brings nearly two decades of communications, marketing, and leadership experience to the Company. 

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